Schindler Language Services.

A modern language services agency based in Wrocław, Schindler Language Services’ potential is rooted in the fifty translators it collaborates with, the majority of whom work in the most popular languages: English, French, German, Russian and Spanish.
The translations we carry out for our satisfied clientele are a matter of pride to us. A wide range of businesses avail themselves of our services, including joint-stock companies such as the urban and railway transport engineering leader, SYSTRA, or the international finance group, CRÉDIT AGRICOLE*, limited liability companies like the cartographic publishing house, EXPRESSMAP, or the precast, reinforced concrete units manufacturer, RECTOR and public institutions such as the WROCŁAW UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY and, in collaboration with our partners, Poland’s CENTRAL EXAMINATIONS BOARD and the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, as well as clients running businesses on a smaller scale and private individuals.

In practice, we apply the rules embodied in the European EN 15038 standards for translation service providers and the EN ISO 9001 standard for quality management systems. We carry out translations in accordance with our internal workflow process, to which the participation of a project coordinator, the judicious selection of the translator, the reviewing of the translation and, depending upon the order, editing, DTP layout or other additional services, all contribute.
Our clients are the apple of our eye. We follow their recommendations and adhere to their guidelines. We know what they expect and we meet those expectations. We help our Clients to decide what really needs to be translated, because some sections may not be relevant or may simply not apply to their foreign customers. And that can lead to substantial savings. We always take pains to establish the document’s destined purpose, since we will deal with a demanding text intended for publication differently from those produced purely for informative purposes, which do not need careful polishing because the specialists they are intended for will read between the lines anyway and time is of the essence.

Quality of service is equally as important to us as providing excellent translations. One of our ruling principles is to maintain a long-term relationship with our clients, something which they, too, value – and thus remain with us for years.
Our clients can count on every kind of linguistic service, as well as on ancillary services attendant upon the primary commission. We provide translation and interpreting, the review and editing of texts, quality assurance, transcription services, file conversion and analysis, project management, the building and updating of terminology databases, DTP layout and linguistic and cultural consultation and advice. If a requirement arises for a service which we are temporarily unable to provide ‘on the spot’, then collaboration with our tried and tested network of partners enables us to meet the order. So our clients are never faced with the need to seek out anyone else themselves.