Business, legal and financial topics.

What are ‘core deposits’? Is ‘cash’ a bank ‘product’ and, if so, what does ‘business’ expect of it? Does ‘risk’ fear ‘name lending’? We will provide no answer to these questions here and will simply invite those who are interested to click on our Confidentiality tab. For ourselves, we will simply add that economic matters, particularly in terms of banking and finance, constitute one of the pillars of our operations. In business, experience has to pay. And our (ever-growing) investment is amassed in the many thousands of pages we have so far translated.
Technical translation.

Good technical translation is grounded in knowledge of the subject matter; in knowledge, but also in the ability to discern and comprehend the nature of the processes being described. There is no need here for refined and elaborate language, since technical texts are fully satisfied with ‘ordinary’ linguistic correctness. Which is not to say that unambiguity and precision can ever be dispensed with, of course; on the contrary. This is why we pass them to translators with an educational background in the field and, when it comes to texts of a highly specialised nature, we can also turn to other experts for their opinion.
Marketing translation.

Marketing translation encompasses a wide range of creative writing, from articles in the print media to guide books and from news to multi-volume publications. Translations destined for publication are particularly demanding. After all, they are intended to sell and, to a large extent, the results will depend upon the quality of the translation. Any translation which is published, be it within the covers of a book, in a newspaper or occasional publication or on a website, will have an impact on the image of product and producer alike.